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The Voice

The Voice. The Myth. The Legend. Voicing in on everything, anything, and nothing in particular to everyone, anyone, and absolutely no one.

Graduation Speech

Hey there, this the The Voice voicing in on graduations!


To all of our graduates, whether you were graduating pre-school, high school, college, or a rigorous PhD program, CONGRATS on a job well done. This message in particular is for those graduating from high school and above.

At your commencement address keynote speakers are quick to say “On this field (or in this hall) we have the future lawyers, doctors, and leaders. We have the future Albert Einstein’s, the future Bill Gates’, and the future Stephen Speilberg’s.”

WHOAHHH BUDDDDY! Let’s take a breather. Of course graduations are filled with their fair share of innovative thoughts and big dreams. All that pomp and circumstance. But even though this may sound a little dreary, let’s pump a little dosage of reality into our commencement celebration.

Graduates, take a look into the hard look of your grandparents. See their eyes that can remember looking into the empty fridges and trials of the Great Depression. Now with your own eyes, look to the future and see the great economic woes that you must confront. During the ceremony, while you listen to the patriotic anthems as you look towards the American flag, think of the red, white, and blue colors that don’t fade. Reflect upon the two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and our challenges abroad. As you look at your teachers and professors, realize that as the baby boomers begin their retirement, a new fleet of academia must be ready to take the reins of educating our youth. And as you hug your parents, realize that soon (if not already), there will come the day when your re-enacting this event. But this time, instead of holding the diploma, you will be mommy or daddy holding the camera and beaming with pride.

So yes graduates, this is your time to celebrate. But this is also your call to action. Sadly, the celebration must be quick. Because the world isn’t going to wait for you, and the clock is moving fast.

Congrats, again. But most importantly, GOOD LUCK. Because you’re going to need it. We all do.

As always, this is the voice of many, the voice of none, the voice of one. This is The Voice.

Voicing In…

Hey there, this is The Voice voicing in.

Thanks for joining my blog and hopefully following what I have to say. Who is The Voice you may ask? Who’s voice, exactly, is doing all the talking? The answer: it’s your voice, my voice, and all the voices in between.

This blog will focus on giving opinions and shedding light on events, issues, people, disasters, miracles, good things, bad things, and everything and anything one’s mind can imagine. We shall capitalize in on randomness. We shall be spontaneous. There could be a hundred posts in one day or possibly none in a year. Simply, I DON’T KNOW. All I know, is that I have a voice, and I am not afraid to use it. So from this point forward let’s be candid. Let’s say what we mean to say and mean what we say. We all have a voice. The Voice. So let’s get to know one another. How about it?

Until Next Time…

This is the voice of many, the voice of none, the voice of one. This is The Voice.

“Nothing that I can do will change the structure of the universe. But maybe, by raising my voice I can help the greatest of all causes - goodwill among men and peace on earth.”
~Albert Einstein